ACO BuildLine – threshold drainage


Versatile drainage systems for restricted depth and green roof applications


Pioneering drainage systems for a wide range of applications


Custom manufactured drainage systems to suit individual applications needs

ACO BuildLine

A range of drainage products designed to protect the building from stormwater at or around the building line from the ground level up to the roofline.

These speciality products intercept and collect surface water specifically for thresholds, balconies, green roofs and building façades whilst complying with other building requirements

Product range benefits

  • Variety of systems to suit various applications requirements
  • BalconyDrain is a shallow drainage system and is suitable for restricted depth applications
  • ProfiLine is designed to collect both surface and subsurface stormwater

Typical applications

Some areas where building threshold drainage is installed:

  • Balconies
  • Terraces
  • Patio areas
  • Flat roofs
  • Green roofs
  •  Vertical façades
  • Restricted depth areas

Founded in 1946, the ACO Group has since established a strong reputation as reliable and innovative manufacturers of products for the building and construction industry. ACO in Australia was established in 1993 and is Australasia’s leading manufacturer of drainage products with production facilities located in Western Sydney, New South Wales. ACO offers a range of products for drainage and other services both outside and within the building envelope.

The future of drainage

ACO is a global leader in water management, with products to collect, clean, hold and release water; addressing all phases of the water cycle and supporting water sensitive urban design. To read more, click here.

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