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Sliding and bi-fold doors

balcony threshold drainage systems building threshold drainage

To make the most of the Australian climate, open air living and working areas are popular. This has meant that level thresholds have become a necessary design feature in many residential and commercial buildings leaving sleek, distinct architectural lines for the designer to integrate.

These lines are often the most regularly trafficked access zones of buildings and become the barriers between wet and dry areas.

In these instances, drainage to capture stormwater runoff must be effective, as water damage repairs are not only disruptive and extremely costly, but can have legal ramifications in the event of structural damage or injury from standing water.

Level sliding and bifold doors are a popular design choice for designers looking to open up the internal and external living spaces. However, each manufacturer’s door sill is different. Because of the careful interface between the type of door and drainage, the system solution should be tested to ensure it meets both window and drainage codes. Some suppliers offer collaborative, tested solutions.

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Bifold Sliding Doors
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