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versatile drainage system Versatile drainage systems for restricted depth applications, doorways and green roofs ACO BuildLine building threshold drainage Pioneering drainage systems for a wide range of applications ACO BuildLine customised balcony drainage Custom manufactured drainage systems ACO BuildLine balcony threshold drainage systems Level threshold drainage for ease of access ACO BuildLine Discreet access covers and grates for floor tile continuity ACO BuildLine

ACO BuildLine is a range of drainage products designed to protect the building from stormwater at or around the building line from the ground level up to the roofline.

These speciality products intercept and collect surface water typically at thresholds, balconies, green roofs, building façades and other outdoor areas and comply with other construction and user requirements.

The range includes:

ACO’s range of product solutions, complete with a choice of grates are purpose designed to suit the drainage requirements of buildings. ACO’s grate options help the designer facilitate access and mobility within and around the building envelope, whilst complying with legal requirements and the aesthetic objectives of the design.

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External Building Drainage

Architectural, external building drainage

Architectural External Building Drainage

australian madeACO offers a wide range of external building drainage products, purpose designed for specialty areas.

These specialty products intercept and collect surface water typically at thresholds, balconies, green roofs, building facades and other outdoor areas, whilst complying with other construction and user requirements.

ACO’s range of products

Case studies for ACO BuildLine solutions

Balcony Drain

Apartment complex, Drummoyne, NSW

The designers of this boutique waterfront apartment block were instructed by the client to find a drainage system with a high level of slip resistance and manufactured from a material that would be durable against salt water.

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Profiline Case Study

Carlton Baths, Melbourne, VIC

Soft paving material was required to ensure the children’s safety when playing. The porous hot mix composite paving material surrounding the children’s pool, required a drainage system with surface and subsurface drainage capabilities.

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BalconyDrain Case Study

The Towers Elizabeth Quay, Perth WA

A drainage system was required across the threshold of several door openings to ensure any wind-blown rain or runoff from large downpours would not enter the building. All materials needed to be durable and grates also were required to be pedestrian friendly and slip resistant.

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