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Industry-leading Building Line protection

Protect your building from stormwater flooding with ACO BuildLine, a state-of-the-art range of industry-leading drainage solutions that are suitable for a wide variety of applications.

ACO BuildLine comes with a variety of certified slip-resistant options and assists in the protection of buildings from stormwater damage. This range is fully backed by a complimentary hydraulic design service and is Watermark approved.

The ACO BuildLine range includes:

  1. BalconyDrain | A shallow drainage system and is suitable for restricted depth applications
  2. RainTrak® | Designed to interface with a range of sliding and bi-fold doors
  3. ProfiLine | Designed to collect both surface and subsurface stormwater
Building Line Protection


Drainage system requirements differ greatly across specific building applications. Each drainage element must be carefully considered to assess their visual and functional impact on the design of a building.

There are three key elements behind choosing the best drainage system for the project: aesthetics, sizing and hydraulics.

When choosing a drainage system it is important to carefully consider the aesthetic objectives and ensure the system is consistent. The best drainage system will enhance the overall aesthetic of the space and will not detract from it.

An assessment of the hydraulic capacity of the channel and grate is essential to ensuring the building has appropriate barrier protection that prevents rainwater from infiltrating a building. Catchment hydraulics are site-specific and therefore require specific calculations to ensure drainage systems are correctly selected and sized. Click here for more information on how ACO can help assess the hydraulic requirements of the space.

It is also important to consider the specific site and user requirements. For every application, consider the traffic flow (bare feet, heels, vehicles etc.), the environment (ocean/swimming pool proximity, sheltered or exposed to the elements) and the legislative requirements (slip-resistance, load ratings etc.).


It is important to understand the application requirements of the space where the drainage system will be installed and select an appropriate product.


When considering installing a system on a balcony, it is imperative to remember that these surfaces often have very shallow slabs that require drainage and waterproofing to be very compact. Linear drainage is often preferred to prevent four-way falls in the balcony from floor wastes. AS 3500.3 was updated in 2018 and sets strict requirements for balconies and terraces to ensure that drainage in these areas is adequate. For this application, ACO BalconyDrain is the ideal solution.

BalconyDrain is a range of shallow drainage channels that can be used for balconies and areas along the building line, such as terraces, patios and other areas with restricted construction depth. It is available in a range of depths and widths to suit the site, user and hydraulic requirements.

Sliding And Bifold Doors

Sliding and Bi-Fold Doors

Sliding and bi-fold doors pose their own challenges for drainage installations. These lines are often the most regularly trafficked access zones of buildings and become the barriers between wet and dry areas. In these instances, drainage to capture stormwater runoff must be effective, as water damage repairs are not only disruptive and extremely costly, but can have legal ramifications in the event of structural damage or injury from standing water. The solution for this level ground surface is ACO RainTrak®.

Each door is manufactured differently and requires customised drainage solutions that specifically suit the sill used on each project. This is where RainTrak® comes in.

RainTrak® comprises two models:

  • RainTrak-O | Where the sill is not enclosed by the channel system and can to be used with any number of door tracks
  • RainTrak-E | Where the sill is enclosed by the channel system and is made to suit certain numbers of sliding doors
Green Roofs

Green Roofs

Green roofs can be challenging due to the soft bedding. Drainage is vital as it ensures the plants and vegetation can drain properly and also protect the building’s integrity from standing water.  ProfiLine is a system that is particularly suitable for green roofs that require a balance of draining water while keeping soft bedded areas moist for plants to flourish.

During heavy rain, the landscaping will become saturated and both surface and infiltrated runoff can be directed towards the channel which discharges into a roof or floor drain. During light rain, the water runoff from the surface or façade will percolate out of the channel side walls and help irrigate the landscape.

Aco Buildline Support


For more information on the range of ACO BuildLine products, click here to view the catalogue, installation files and product drawings.

For a personalised recommendation for a simple run of trench damage, click here. ACO will provide a recommendation with hydraulic calculations.

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