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Carlton Baths, Melbourne, VIC

The Carlton Baths managed by YMCA Victoria was recently redeveloped which involved renovating the 25m heated outdoor pool and constructing a new children’s pool area. The children’s area has water features, slide activity centre and water play equipment on a soft fall concourse surface construction.

Project Design Brief

Soft paving material was required to ensure the children’s safety when playing. The porous hot mix composite paving material surrounding the children’s pool, required a drainage system with surface and subsurface drainage capabilities.

ACO's Solution


  • Perforated channels allow percolated water to enter the channel system via slots in the channel wall
  • The 5 Star Heelsafe® Anti-Slip grates provide slip resistance for public safety
  • Profiline offers versatility, as channels can be height adjusted to accommodate various finished floor levels
Carlton Baths
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