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Campbell Street, Brighton, VIC

Brighton, named after Brighton in England, is an exclusive beach-side suburb, 11km south-east of Melbourne. The suburb has elegant designer homes and large blocks of land suitable for new home redevelopment.

Project Design Brief

The engineering consultants wanted to take advantage of the beachside atmosphere and designed large balconies with glass balustrades suitable for entertaining family and friends throughout the year. As the balconies are exposed to wind-driven rain, an effective and aesthetic drainage system was required. The drain also needed to be shallow, for easy integration into the construction of the balcony

ACO's Solution


  • The Stainless 5 Star Heelsafe® Anti-Slip grates provided slip and heel resistance
  • The shallow nature of the BD01 system ensures that the channel could sit above the waterproofing and be incorporated into the tile screed
  • BalconyDrain BD01 offers flexibility, enabling outlets to be positioned in line with the pipework under the balcony slab
Campbell St Brighton
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