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Private Residence - St Leonards Court South Yarra, Melbourne, VIC

The family renowned for owning one of Melbourne’s most diverse construction companies recently built their own new home in the inner Melbourne suburb of South Yarra. South Yarra is one of the city’s most expensive suburbs with prestigious residential addresses amongst various art deco apartments facing the Yarra, and well-preserved mansions like the 1847 Como House.

Project Design Brief

The owner asked the architect to select a discreet drainage system to complement the large size terrazzo tiles selected for the floor finish. This would require close collaboration with the drain manufacturer.

ACO's Solution


  • Custom-made stainless steel V-shaped channel aids water flow to the outlets and minimises standing water in the channel
  • Custom-made stainless steel tile insert to ensure the tile would be secure

Other ACO products used:

St Leonards Court South Yarra
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