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Private House – Ormond Esplanade, Elwood, VIC

A prominent Melbourne family that owns and runs a successful diversified property and construction business recently built a prestigious home in the bayside suburb of Elwood. The success of the family business is due to their commitment to excellence and meticulous attention to detail, which is also reflected in their choice of materials for their home.

Project Design Brief

Several areas of the home required drainage solutions including the balcony areas and the swimming pool concourse. The designers of the home were instructed by the client to install a discreet drainage system around the pool area that would harmonise with the large terrazzo tiles selected for the floor finish. The experienced sales and production staff at ACO provided the unique solution of customising an internal drainage solution for an external application. The designer and the builder worked with ACO to develop a stainless steel tile insert drainage system.

ACO's Solution


  • The custom made tile insert grate ensures a secure fit for the tiles
  • V shaped channels aid water flow to outlets and minimise standing water in the channel
  • Continuous slot around the entire pool area to capture water
Private Residence Elwood
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